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Math Made Simple has now become Mathipedia. New name, same site. Make sure to change your bookmarks and keep following us on Twitter to stay up to date with resources and updates to the site. 

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Mathipedia.com is a site dedicated to making mathematics accessible to everyone in ways that are simple to understand and presented in different forms for different learning styles.

Mathipedia has a goal of providing resources that can be used by students, parents, and teachers free of charge without strict copyright restrictions. Here is what you will find on this site:

For Students:

- Step-by-step written tutorials that explain the most common math topics in grades 6-12 (and beyond)
- Videos and graphics for those that learn better through visual and audio examples.
- Practice problems with solutions so you can apply what you learn
- Tips to help with math anxiety and test anxiety
- Links to other great sites if you need another resource or point of view
- A discussion forum to answer questions and share ideas

For Parents:
- Tips for helping your child build confidence in their math abilities
- Tips for how to help your child with their homework and studying
- Plenty of examples and straightforward explanations that might not be found in your child's textbook
- A forum to talk with other parents about your questions and concerns

For Teachers:
- Copyright free material that you can edit, share, reproduce and use in your classroom
- Practice problems and worksheets in PDF form for quick printing as well as WORD documents for easy editing.
- RSS feeds to math research and conversations 
- Links to other sites to give you a variety of resources
- A forum to share lesson ideas and post questions

For more information on the purpose and philosophy behind this project click on the link below.

                        Purpose and Philosophy of Mathipedia

Thank you for visiting! We hope you find Mathipedia helpful and easy to use. If you have comments or suggestions please feel free to contact us in the field below:

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